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Cosplay Shenanigans!

I should have posted this ages ago. >.>

Room shenanigans first. Here is our closet. I hope it gives you some idea of the epic weekend we just had.

This is a photo of Lychee's wig head. Why? Because I can.

Here's Lychee with her wig. She finished it the night before she wore it, and let me tell you, she was excited about this sucker. Though I guess I don't really need to, you can pretty much see it in her face. :|a

Lychee's Russia wig looked kind of like a tribble when she tossed it carelessly onto the bed. Naturally, when this was commented upon, it turned into a photo session.

This was the biggest burrito any of us had ever seen. Lychee, being the mature individual she is, promptly bit a face into it and named it Scooter.

Lychee is prone to removing her wig in public and placing it on friend's heads. This is Ally, who appears to desire to kill herself.

She brought a change of clothes for End Of Con but forgot to bring different shoes. Hence, the sexy hooker boots.

Our America was also Graham Specter from Baccano! Here she is with MK-as-extremely-minor-character-whose-name-I-forgot, being creepy.

Actually, it turns out all Graham really wanted from life was to be a pretty, pretty princess.

The only picture I had taken of myself as May. I was so excited by this adorable Buneary I forgot to put on my gloves. :/

THE POWER OF YOUTH AND ENTHUSIASM COMPEL YOU! (...what do you mean that's a different series?)


Followed directly by the Superhero Cape! We made her jump on the bed while we took photos, but none of mine came out, sadly.

America sneaks a photo-op with a famous Japanese Magical Girl! (Also, incidentally, this is the only full-body pic I took of Lychee's Sailor Moon costume, oops. D:)

America in repose

And saluting the flag (It's very small and in the background and where the heck is a strong breeze when you need one, seriously?)

Being a hero is hungry work.

Well goddamn, they really do make everything smaller in Japan. 8|

Blast from the past! /o/

And friends! This was the only France I saw all weekend. Also, one of about 554643218 Canadas.

OMG he found Russia!

No fair Russia, being so much taller. 8|

Yay hamburgers! 8D

And...after-dinner hanging out?


...Scary. ;;

Yeah, I don't...really have any idea what's going on here. It's Lychee.

The great thing about the area of Portland where the con was held is - it's full of adorable bronze animal statues.

Never waste an opportunity to photobomb.

lol, see what we did there?

Russia was sitting so prettily here. It was kind of weird.

So I told Lychee to sit like a man.

No real idea where this came from. I think we were talking about the world conference.

Aaaaand America had to go and ruin it. As he does.

...Well, I think we all know that this can't end well.

Sneaky bastard managed to get away. :|

And it just keeps getting worse.

The hardest part is trying not to laugh. :<


/Jaws theme


America probably eventually got creeped out enough to leave.

But wait! What's this!

Aww...I bet he felt guilty. :<

...And then immediately regretted it. The thing that amuses me the most about this photo is that my foot is just a barely-visible blur.

At last! Long sought-after affection!

...And then she had to show up. 8|




Russia's worst nightmare. o.o



Not even a little creepy, nope.

Fun with signs!


Reciting a poem to the mannequin in the display or something, idk.

The entirety of my swag. A poster from the artist of the 2010 program guide cover, two prints by my favorite artist, a book of exclusively Gojyo postcards, two Chibitalia keyfob things, and an Italy phone charm given to me by Firo which I neglected to include in this photograph. D: The dealers hall this year had way too many manga booths and pretty much nothing else, so I didn't spend a whole lot of money. Which is grand! :D

Lychee bought the Chibi Italy for me, so I bought the Holy Roman Empire to keep him company. :>


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PKkkkkkkk /reaches for

We missed you. ;;

Also we should hang out soon. :<

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;A; I MISSED EVERYONE TOO. I was SO HARD to go to work that weekend.

WE SHOULD. Preferably before my birthday.

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I am going to be out of town next weekend but we could potentially do something the 10th or 11th?

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I won't know until Thursday. Fucking Safeway... /wrists

But I can totally let you know what I'm scheduled as soon as I do? Chances are pretty good I'll be free since they drastically cut my hours again.

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Stupid Safeway. :|

Definitely let me know! Text me or whatever, and we'll go from there. :3

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fsdjkhfksdfh these pictures are so awesome.

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Hmm. Deja vu.

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KYeeheehee~~~!! Aaah, running around with you guys that night was so fun~

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So cool~ \o/

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Super cute pictures! I wish I could sew that well. I tend to fail at making pants.