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All is forgiven! *hug!* 8D We're friendededed now, and that's what matters!



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ILU! *clings* I'm sorry I'm so Failsauce...I kind of want to blame AP...I got distracted Leik Woah. o.o


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*CLING!* You're not Failsauce D: Don't say that.

AP makes me hideously distracted too, so no worries x.x And ... um... play both. At once. Like, make Midna Shepard.

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*lovelove* You're sweet to say that. But I know what I know. However, I won't say it anymore, since it makes you sad. <3

LOL! Midna Shepard...

...If you combined Midna and Shepard into one entity, I think the universe would asplode from sheer force of intense Awesome. o_O

...AP needs an Imp Midna. 8D

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I say it because it's true! >( *shakes fist*

Not even Soveriegn would be able to hold up to the sheer unbridled AWESOME that is Midna Shepard. She would sneeze, and it would explode.


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I love you. <3

THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. You should app her. I bet she'd get on Garrus' nerves. :3

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I love you moar 8D

Aaaaugh, I would, but I really think I'm only capable of handling one character x.x Especially if it's one who has tendency to get his ass involved in EVERYTHING. But yes, she probably would XD

[identity profile] 2008-06-01 01:00 am (UTC)(link)
I love you mostest! 83

HOMG! I can't believe how close I was to finishing it when I sort of quit! XD I also can't believe how close I was to so many adorable Link/Midna moments! D: D: D: But I has seen them now, and all is well. <3

I have to say, that's a pretty damn epic final battle. XD

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YAY X} YAY for Link/Midna! *rolls in love*

Oh. And.


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...Did you start a new game with a Shepard called Midna? *stares at you suspiciously*

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I try :D Link and Alenko have to have SOMETHING in common.

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Y'mean besides the fact that they're both made of Epic Win and Adorable? XD

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Yes. Besides that XD <3