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I like it! Now I just need to find something Samurai Champloo or Trigunish for mine! ;p

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I need to find a suitable pic for mine... maybe an HnG one. ^^ I'll do that after I've finished going through all of my old entries and f-locking them first, though.

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*bloody jealous.*

Wow, nice banner.

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*friends you*

Hallo! As you can probably tell from my icon, I'm Twiggy from the PPC Board... ^_^ I love your anime picture, by the way. :D

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*friends back*

Your icon is splendiferous. :D And I'm glad you like my picture ~ I stole it from somewhere, cropped it, and made the background. :)
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Sure, I'd be happy to. :)

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*Flutters fingers and blushes.*

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Hee. :3


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Darling...for one reason or another...I can't view your lj. T_T

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I...really don't know're on my 'list'...*pokes LJ* Maybe try again? o.o

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Hi gundamkiwi! I know you from the PPC forums, don't I? (I go by Synthe there)

*friends you*

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You do indeed. ^_^ *friends back*

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*Friends you*

Hope you don't mind me friending you. I'm a friend of Elb and Nen. :)

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I've seen you around! Nice to see you here. ^^ *friends back*

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~friends you~

Hi! I'm Niggsy, a friend of Boz and Elb. Seen you around LiveJournal and BIA.

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Hi Niggsy ~ I've seen you around LJ and BIA too. :) *friends*


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Hi Kiwi! It's Krystal here. I found my old account!

Re: Hello!

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Hey you! *adds to friends* :3

Re: Hello!

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Re: Hello!

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I want to be your friend! you know who I am, right?
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*waves* Hi! I recognize you. ^_^ *friends*

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Amemait sez: Let a Red Tales fangirl and DA stalker in? Pretty please?

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Kiwi sez: Well, since you asked so nicely...sure! ^_^

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Kiwi! *cry cry* I made a lj for Ally's thing but I think I'm doing it wrong! Please help your n00b megu!

[identity profile] 2008-05-19 02:47 am (UTC)(link) looks like you've done alright so far. o_O

What are you having problems with?

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*friends* >> *is a turian in disguise*

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Jeez, how many of these things do you have? D:

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Nya~ 'Mega wants to be friends, kay?

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'Kay! <3

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kiwi kiwi i is a friend, right?

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Of course you can has! <3

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Hi, bebe! ♥

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Oh hai! This is the LJer formerly known as [ profile] elfie_samurai. Please to be friending my new account? =)

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I shall miss your old screenname. *friends the new~*

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Has you seen my latest LJ post? IF NOT, GO LOOK'EE! XD


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Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii why do I not have you on my list o_O;

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...It's fixed now, though. :3